The process of information protection services includes the provision of sealed collecting containers, secure transport organisation and a complete confidential process for the destruction of records. Documents that need not be kept or have been discarded, records that have outlived their retention period, documents and forms of personal nature, drafts of documents and contracts, copies, expired company-branded documents, outdated marketing materials, uniforms.

We supply you with
a collecting container

240 L plastic

140 L plastic

100 L wood

50 L wood

You can choose the emptying
frequency of containers


Once a week

Twice a month

Once a month


(If the container is not being filled in a month, give us a call and we will organise the emptying at a time most convenient to you)

One-time service

(If documents, data media have already been collected and you simply need a secure disposal service)

G4S courier
takes the boxes away


Parcels are moved securely

Parcels are moved quickly

Parcels are taken from door-to-door

Deliveries are fixed with a legal instrument.

Destruction and

We use this for:

• recycled paper

• paper mulch

• cellulose wadding

• and so on